American doctors have documented the experiences of multi-orgasmic men who had from two to nine orgasms per session. Some ejaculated at the first orgasm, some at the last: and the rest somewhere in between; some even ejaculated more than once. Many of the men first experienced multiple orgasms in middle age.

Probably, more men could become multi-orgasmic if they overcome the conditioning that says they will only ejaculate and then detumesce. A non demanding atmosphere, combined with emotional closeness and the opportunity for leisurely sex, will improve a man’s chances of enjoying multiple orgasms, as will having a partner who is sexually responsive and does not easily tire of prolonged intercourse.

A man can practise becoming multi-orgasmic by coming to the brink of orgasm yet inhibiting ejaculation until he can separate the two sensations. In the positive, relaxed atmosphere of a loving relationship, some men will find that they don’t necessarily lose their erections, and they will be able to carry on achieving further climaxes.





To be a good lover, knowing, how to stimulate the penis is one of the most valuable skills that a woman can possess. Older men especially may need direct stimulation to reach erection, but men of all ages enjoy the sensations they receive from manipulation. You can use these techniques both as an adjunct to, or as a replacement for intercourse, and vary your approach as much as you like, such as rolling the penis between your palms, stroking it with your fingers, alternately squeezing and letting it go, brushing your fingertips against the frenulum or caressing the penis between your breasts. To enhance his sensations, and especially if your partner has erection difficulties, use a lubricant.

Begin by positioning yourself beside your partner. Grip his penis firmly with your thumb nearest his navel. Move your hand up and down on the penis in a regular rhythm, keeping your grip steady and the firmest pressure on the sensitive area on the uppermost side. Try long and short strokes to see what he likes best. A slow rhythm prolongs pleasure, while a speeded-up one intensifies pleasure and will bring him to orgasm sooner.

Your partner’s climax is imminent when his muscles, particularly those in his thighs, tense up and his breathing becomes more rapid. The testes will be drawn up to his body and may also be swollen. The head of the penis will darken in colour and increase slightly in size. One or two drops of pre-ejaculatory fluid may ooze from the tip of his penis.

Your partner will want you to carry on with the stimulation until ejaculation is completely over and his tension relaxes. Most men will want you to desist from further genital caresses, for a while.

How to stimulate a man-All men find genital caresses highly stimulating; however, after ejaculation most prefer the stroking to cease.

as well as the glans and frenulum.

2 Your partner may want to control the rhythm. With his hand over yours, grasp the penis firmly,

though gently, and move your hand rhythmically up and down the shaft, either quickly or

slowly as your partner wishes.





Satisfying lovemaking takes time, and can never take too long. On rare occasions, you may become so aroused during foreplay that you immediately move on to actual intercourse, but usually a couple enjoys the gradual intimacies that leisurely kissing, undressing, petting, massage, oral sex and the sharing of fantasies – among others – provide.

Undressing-Removing your clothes, and/or those of your partner, can be a very exciting and important part of foreplay. Undressing not only results in general arousal, but the wearing of and/or the removal of particular items of clothing can strike a much more resonant chord in a susceptible lover, particularly a man.

A good lover will seek to discover which garments and their removal will act as turn-ons, and will make use of them to increase a partner’s pleasure.

Nudity may become routine and boring, particularly in marriage, so some subtlety in undressing is worth retaining. Even after years of living together, undressing each other will be highly arousing; each partner should feel increasingly excited as one garment after another is removed.





Many people think that there are only certain social situations where sex can be on the agenda. However, this is not true; any situation can lend itself to sexual advances. Of course, in some situations, advances need to be subtle and very low-key; in fact, rather difficult to pick up unless the other person is sexually aware and alert.

Only someone with a closed mind would limit his or her horizons to parties, dinners and social occasions. Sexual interest can be revealed at any time. For instance, a working business meeting between two sexually interested people, when each may be thrilled by the other’s professional performance, can be an exciting and intriguing prelude to more open sexual overtures. Here, the enjoyment of a common task can greatly enhance sexual interest. Indeed, sexual interest grows more often in the day-to-day working environment than almost anywhere else.

Most people meet potential sexual partners through friends, and like any other form of friendship, most happy sexual relationships are based on friendship and on working or studying together. You can get to know someone better at work than in a disco. Furthermore, when looking very glamorous and affected by drink, we don’t necessarily give a realistic picture of ourselves, nor are we able to get a true insight into a partner.

A less obvious advance could occur when you have lunch with or talk to someone over a period of time in a quiet spot. Glances are often exchanged and conversations may include messages with a double meaning, testing how interested the other person is. These interactions may just be in the form of play, but all of us do engage in them and establish brief, “mini” bonds with many people.





A woman’s external and visible genitalia are known as the vulva or pudendum. It is a very erotic, sensitive area, which also serves to protect the vaginal and urethral openings. The fatty tissue and skin at the front of the vulva is the mons pubis, or mound of Venus; it covers where the pelvic bones join at the front, and acts as a cushion during intercourse. In the mature female, it is covered by hair.

The most superficial structures of the vulva, the labia majora, extend forward from the anus and fuse at the front in the mons pubis. These “lips” are two fold and usually lie together and conceal the other external genital organs. They comprise fibrous and fatty tissue, and carry hair follicles as well as sebaceous and apocrine glands. The latter give rise to a special form of odorous sweat, which is a sexual chemical attractant.

They have many sebaceous glands that produce sebum that lubricates the skin and, combined with the secretions from the vagina and sweat glands, forms a waterproof protective covering against urine, bacteria and menstrual blood.

The size and shape of these lips vary greatly and, like the labia majora, one is usually larger than the other. They may be hidden by the labia majora or project forward. During sexual excitement they become engorged, change colour and increase in thickness – sometimes even two to three times their normal size.