Mothers often complain that their babies become constipated when they are fed brown rice gruel. It may well be that babies are more sensitive and that rice is more constipating than barley gruel, but because of its nutritional value it should not, on any account, be left out of the child’s diet. The constipation can always be counteracted by natural means. Ground linseed is very good for the bowel action and should be added to the brown rice gruel. The amount to be used depends upon the child’s reaction, but half a teaspoonful will usually be adequate. In this way the child will not be deprived of the goodness of brown rice.

Whole rye also makes a nutritious gruel. It may not be quite so creamy but it is certainly valuable, especially during teething. Rye contains not only calcium but also calcium fluoride, which is essential for the development of tooth enamel.

The best programme is to feed the baby alternatively rice, rye, barley, oat, perhaps even millet and buckwheat gruels, together with various juices, either carrot or fruit. Care must be taken, however, not to mix vegetable juices with fruit juices. In fact, it would be wise to avoid using more than one kind of fruit juice per meal, since sensitive babies may have difficulty in digesting the mixture. It would be better to mix one fruit juice with almond cream. This may be available already prepared from health food stores or can be made by grinding some almonds very finely and crushing them with a pestle and mortar; then mix with water in a blender. Mix the almond cream with the fruit juice in a blender and you will have the best food not only for your baby but even for older children and adults. Babies with cradle cap (see below) should definitely be put on almond milk, and if you want to clear up the condition, Violaforce and calcium must be added to their diet.


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