Many people think that there are only certain social situations where sex can be on the agenda. However, this is not true; any situation can lend itself to sexual advances. Of course, in some situations, advances need to be subtle and very low-key; in fact, rather difficult to pick up unless the other person is sexually aware and alert.

Only someone with a closed mind would limit his or her horizons to parties, dinners and social occasions. Sexual interest can be revealed at any time. For instance, a working business meeting between two sexually interested people, when each may be thrilled by the other’s professional performance, can be an exciting and intriguing prelude to more open sexual overtures. Here, the enjoyment of a common task can greatly enhance sexual interest. Indeed, sexual interest grows more often in the day-to-day working environment than almost anywhere else.

Most people meet potential sexual partners through friends, and like any other form of friendship, most happy sexual relationships are based on friendship and on working or studying together. You can get to know someone better at work than in a disco. Furthermore, when looking very glamorous and affected by drink, we don’t necessarily give a realistic picture of ourselves, nor are we able to get a true insight into a partner.

A less obvious advance could occur when you have lunch with or talk to someone over a period of time in a quiet spot. Glances are often exchanged and conversations may include messages with a double meaning, testing how interested the other person is. These interactions may just be in the form of play, but all of us do engage in them and establish brief, “mini” bonds with many people.


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