American doctors have documented the experiences of multi-orgasmic men who had from two to nine orgasms per session. Some ejaculated at the first orgasm, some at the last: and the rest somewhere in between; some even ejaculated more than once. Many of the men first experienced multiple orgasms in middle age.

Probably, more men could become multi-orgasmic if they overcome the conditioning that says they will only ejaculate and then detumesce. A non demanding atmosphere, combined with emotional closeness and the opportunity for leisurely sex, will improve a man’s chances of enjoying multiple orgasms, as will having a partner who is sexually responsive and does not easily tire of prolonged intercourse.

A man can practise becoming multi-orgasmic by coming to the brink of orgasm yet inhibiting ejaculation until he can separate the two sensations. In the positive, relaxed atmosphere of a loving relationship, some men will find that they don’t necessarily lose their erections, and they will be able to carry on achieving further climaxes.


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