To be a good lover, knowing, how to stimulate the penis is one of the most valuable skills that a woman can possess. Older men especially may need direct stimulation to reach erection, but men of all ages enjoy the sensations they receive from manipulation. You can use these techniques both as an adjunct to, or as a replacement for intercourse, and vary your approach as much as you like, such as rolling the penis between your palms, stroking it with your fingers, alternately squeezing and letting it go, brushing your fingertips against the frenulum or caressing the penis between your breasts. To enhance his sensations, and especially if your partner has erection difficulties, use a lubricant.

Begin by positioning yourself beside your partner. Grip his penis firmly with your thumb nearest his navel. Move your hand up and down on the penis in a regular rhythm, keeping your grip steady and the firmest pressure on the sensitive area on the uppermost side. Try long and short strokes to see what he likes best. A slow rhythm prolongs pleasure, while a speeded-up one intensifies pleasure and will bring him to orgasm sooner.

Your partner’s climax is imminent when his muscles, particularly those in his thighs, tense up and his breathing becomes more rapid. The testes will be drawn up to his body and may also be swollen. The head of the penis will darken in colour and increase slightly in size. One or two drops of pre-ejaculatory fluid may ooze from the tip of his penis.

Your partner will want you to carry on with the stimulation until ejaculation is completely over and his tension relaxes. Most men will want you to desist from further genital caresses, for a while.

How to stimulate a man-All men find genital caresses highly stimulating; however, after ejaculation most prefer the stroking to cease.

as well as the glans and frenulum.

2 Your partner may want to control the rhythm. With his hand over yours, grasp the penis firmly,

though gently, and move your hand rhythmically up and down the shaft, either quickly or

slowly as your partner wishes.


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