Oat bran contains the highest percentage of soluble fibre at 4.8%, followed by rice bran at 2.5% and wheat bran at 2.0%. The latest technical information shows that rice bran and oat bran are equal in their ability to lower total blood cholesterol levels.

Rice bran has five times the insoluble dietary fibre of oat bran and more soluble fibre than wheat bran. It can help maintain a healthy colon and promote regularity, as well as caring for the cardiovascular system by helping lower cholesterol.

Psyllium is a natural grain and the husks make an excellent fibre, helping lower cholesterol and maintaining regularity. Psyllium was recently reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine 148, 292, 1988, which stated that psyllium, by removing bile acid from the intestine and preventing their reabsorption, lowered blood cholesterol levels. This action is the result of the use by the body of cholesterol in the manufacture of more bile salts. y

Psyllium husks 2 teaspoons in orange juice morning

and night.


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