It is a fact that a sore throat, if not correctly treated or completely cured, can have serious consequences that may do permanent injury to one’s health. This particularly applies to severe sore throats such as those caused by Vincent’s angina, laryngitis or tonsillitis. The toxins of an improperly treated sore throat can cause an inflammation of the middle ear, rheumatic fever and arthritis. They can also be responsible for a partial paralysis of the cardiac valves, which leaves the patient with a permanent cardiac defect. This was brought to my attention not too long ago by one of my patients, a healthy woman who had given birth to several children without any complications, until the day that a neglected sore throat (tonsillitis) put an end to her good health. The doctors shared my belief that her cardiac defect was a direct result of the presence of tonsillitis toxins in her body. To make matters worse, her stomach and intestines had been affected by the allopathic drugs she had been taking. So today, this once vigorous and healthy woman is a very sick person.

It is also dangerous to go outdoors too soon after tonsillitis when the weather is bad. You should know that tonsillitis may take a more drastic course in a low pressure system, that is, at the beginning of a warm air current. Someone suffering from calcium deficiency or a weak lymphatic system is more prone to this type of sore throat. This emphasises the need to always have a diet rich in calcium and avail oneself of the benefits of a calcium complex, such as Urticalcin.


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