Stress affects everyone at some time. Stress can be mild. Everyday stress people encounter paying mortgages, rent, telephone bills, driving to work, having problems with the car is associated with lifestyle and commitments. There is severe stress such as a family bereavement, or marriage break-up, or not being able to pay the rent. These types of stressful situations quite often need special attention.

The vitamin B group is of benefit as this group of vitamins is essential to help maintain proper nervous system function. Along with a well-balanced diet, a B group combined with small amounts of the anti-stress herbs, scullcap, valerian and Passiflora can help us survive stressful times.

Long-term stress can depress our adrenal hormones and drain us of energy. If suffering this depression-related stress, there are three herbs that can help give a lift and a return to normal life. They are oats, rosemary, and kola. Scullcap, valerian, Passiflora, hops, and gentian in combination can be a very potent anti-stress formula and can really help you get through those very difficult times. They are non-habit forming and very safe. Herbalists have used them for hundreds of years.

So, don’t forget, try to relax (meditation can help) and enjoy life. If you are a hard case, counselling might be appropriate; if not, try dancing, singing, or yoga classes.


high potency 1 tablet daily

multi B formula

scullcap 475 mg The amount needed depends on

valerian 300 mg the individual. This type of

hops 750 mg formula is available from your

gentian health food store,

potassium phosphate (celloid) 35 mg 3 times daily

magnesium phosphate (celloid) 65 mg 3 times daily


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