One person may come down with some kidney problem, another with a heart condition, while yet another one is likely to find that a circulatory disorder develops; only a fourth one may develop rheumatoid arthritis or some other ailment. And there may also be one who will escape unscathed. You see, it very much depends on the predisposition mentioned above, and even though the individuals concerned have the same life-style and diet, the disease is triggered either by some pathogenic agent, that is, microorganism, or by toxins.

The frightening thing about rheumatoid arthritis is that, without an apparent reason, the joints in any part of the body can become afflicted. There are times when it seems that the ailment is improving because a loosening-up of the joints and great relief is felt. Then, suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, there is a relapse and the condition deteriorates. These relapses usually occur during the cold seasons, in late autumn, winter or early spring. A warm dry summer often encourages what appears to be a real improvement.


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