My experiences in the tropics jiave often urged me to point out the dangers that await a traveller if he drinks unboiled water in tropical or subtropical regions. By doing so, it is possible to take in pathogenic agents and parasites that can actually put one’s life in jeopardy.

All these factors make carcinogenic agents accumulate in our

system. The tar from the tobacco will give him a few per cent of carcinogenic substances; radioactivity in the air will add a few more per cent, so will sprays, especially if they contain DDT; then a few more per cent will be absorbed from chemical medicines, especially if derived from tar; a further amount will come from food additives, irradiated foods, as well as smoked meat and fish. If the carcinogenic substances from polluted

water are added to these other tragic influences, it is quite possible that the total of 100 per cent cancer-producing substances will have accumulated in that person’s body. This may be enough to

form a tumour if an appropriate irritation in the body also takes place. Since cancer claims an increasing number of victims in our times, it is essential to identify the many causes that can lead to it.


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