Ask Lisa Gardiner about her favorite weight-loss weapon, and she’s likely to show you her toothbrush. After all, it helped her take off 25 pounds in just 6 months.

After two pregnancies, Lisa, of Ballston Spa, New York, was eager to slim down. But caring for her newborn twin daughters and 3-year-old son didn’t leave her much time to plan nutritious meals or stick with an exercise routine.

Lisa believed that if she could just control her after-dinner noshing, she’d take a significant bite out of her fat and calorie intake. So she fell back on a little trick that she had used to lose 20 pounds in college.

Instead of heading to the kitchen right after dinner, Lisa would head to the bathroom and brush her teeth. “It was my signal that my time to eat was over for the day” she says. “If I felt the urge to snack, I just reminded myself that I had already brushed my teeth.”

This simple strategy helped Lisa, age 35, slim down for the second—and, she’s determined—last time in her life.


Try the toothbrush trick. After dinner, brush your teeth. This simple task sends a message to your brain that you’re done eating for the day. What’s more, the toothpaste alters the flavor of food. If you were to eat something after brushing, it wouldn’t taste very good. What’s more, your teeth and your smile will thank you!


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