It should be quite clear from this explanation that it is foolish to take such problems lightly and to neglect seeking treatment at the earliest opportunity, even if you think you are too busy and have no time for it straight away. On the other hand, it is also important to consult an extremely experienced dentist because his knowledge will be indispensable in recognising the problem and subsequently providing the proper treatment.

Despite any amount of skill and experience, it is extremely hard for a good dentist to treat the ever-increasing number of cases of periodontal disease with more than limited success. In fact, the teeth may become loose and fall out (periodontitis).

Massaging the diseased gums with Echinaforce, in alternation with rhatany tincture or a herbal water containing rhatany and myrrh, is a partial solution to the problem. In addition to cleaning the teeth, the necessary daily dental hygiene and massaging of the gums, take Urticalcin, in order to supply the body with additional calcium, and adopt a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.


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