Marital Coitus (MC)

The Kinsey data indicated that the proportions of males and females engaging in MC decreased gradually as they aged. Comparable proportions of men under forty and females in this age group (98%) reported some outlet from MC. By age sixty, 94% of the males and 84% of the females were still active.

Among young married males, 85% of the average 4.8 per week outlet was accounted for by MC. Although each successive five-year period reflected a drop in average frequency, MC accounted for roughly the same percentage of total outlet over the years.

Females from sixteen to twenty reported a mean frequency of MC of about 4 per week. By age sixty, the average frequency was nearly 1 per week. The percentage of women with maximum frequencies of MC of 7 or more per week declined steadily from 5% at age thirty to 0% at age fifty-five. Within each age group, the average frequencies of orgasm closely paralleled frequencies of MC.

Bell and Bell looked at average frequencies of MC among a sample of nearly 2,400 women who had been married on the average for thirteen years. The frequencies reported were extremely close to those reported by Kinsey. In another study, Pearlman reported data from 2,600 married males on the frequency of intercourse. Among subjects in their twenties, 45% had engaged in MC from three to four times per week. For subjects in their forties, only 14% reported these frequencies. By the fifties, the incidence was 5% and past age sixty, less than 1%. By ages sixty to seventy, 25% of the men were engaging in MC one or fewer times per month, and 33% were not having MC at all. By age seventy, 20% were having MC with a frequency of two or more times per month.

Extramarital Coitus (EMC)

From 23 to 37% of married males within each age group surveyed by Kinsey had engaged in EMC. Twenty-six percent of the married women in his sample also reported having had EMC by the age of forty. Active incidence in males tended to remain about the same across all age groups, whereas the active incidence in females was low in the teens, increased through the thirties and decreased thereafter. Only 6% of women in their fifties were active. Again, the average male frequencies were higher than the average female frequencies at all ages sampled. For men under twenty-five, the average frequency in the active sample was 1.3 per week and decreased to 1 per month by age sixty. For active females, these frequencies increased from .5 per week in the teens to .8 per week in the forties. After age thirty, EMC accounted for a relatively constant proportion of total outlet among males. For females, EMC as a percentage of total increased steadily from 3% in the teens to 13% in the late forties.


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