The congestion of the internal veins which occurs from the pressure of the enlarged womb during pregnancy is also a common cause.

It is also said that, when man assumed the upright stance, he not ony threw a strain on his back but on his lower bowel as well. Except for a few old, fat dogs, haemorrhoids are rare in animals.

The most common symptom is bleeding. This tends to be bright blood and to occur at the end of a motion. The blood is not mixed with it but tends to splatter or drip into the pan. It may be noticed on the toilet paper. This is the sign of first degree piles.

Third degree piles prolapse outside and remain there, unless replaced manually. They may also come out when the person stands for long periods or becomes tired.

Prolapsing piles may become squeezed by the tight anal margin and become strangulated. This pressure can lead to thrombosis, the formation of a clot, and is painful.


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