Babloo, now 10 years, could not be relieved of ‘Bed wetting’ habit, despite many treatments. In evaluating the case history critically, we found that his younger sister, 6 years old, was also suffering from the same trouble.
The parents of the children were over-strict, and therefore they were forced to live under strict self-control during the day-time.
It was only at night during sleep that the suppressed feelings of the children found vent by freely passing urine unhampered by any physical controls. CHERRY PLUM was given T.D.S for mind losing control over action (urinating), even though it happened during sleep. In a week’s time the children had shed-off their old habit of bed-wetting.
In the negative CHERRY PLUM state the person loses contact with his Higher Self and loses the valuable guidance which alone can steer clear of the turbulent impulses that disturb the mind at times, and some-times lead to insane acts.
In the positive CHERRY PLUM STATE, the person remains always cool and collected with Reason (and not Impulse) in the driver’s seat guiding all physical and mental activity with active participation of his HIGHER SELF.

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